David Schmidt has released a new version of ADTPro. Details attached below:

This release features a little evolution of the VDrive functionality: not just one, but two virtual drives are served to clients running the driver now. So Apple II clients see S2,D1 and S2,D2 representations of Virtual.po and Virtual2.po respectively. Apple /// clients see .VSDRIVE and .VSDRIVE2 devices. Thanks to IvanX for the idea.

And another selfish fix for me… I’ve been threatening for a while now to cut down on the serial baud rate choices, so now I’ve gone and done it. I still have to leave 19200 in there for generic Pascal entry point support, and 2400 on the bootstrapping side for DOS 3.3. But everything else is gone. When folks pull some random cable out of their scrap box and plug it in, they inevitably wonder why it doesn’t work and start twiddling the baud rate. And that’s never the problem. Well, never is a strong word. It’s NEVER the problem. So now they get to tweak that a little less before I tell them it’s their cable’s fault.

And, Speediboot is a little… speedier on Windows now that some innocuous CPU yielding has gone by the wayside. It didn’t cause a problem on other platforms. Ah, the joys of write once, test everywhere.


1.2.8 – July 9, 2013

New functionality:

* [VDrive] Added the ability to serve a second virtual drive
* Restricted most opportunities to change baud rates from defaults

Bug fixes:

* [Server] Severe slowdown on bootstrapping under Windows was cured by removing what should have been a harmless yielding of the CPU