KansasFest is a week away, but Ewen Wannop has already announced a new product release for the upcoming conference. Ewen’s annoucement is attached:

Announcing ChewBagger First Release

(Dedicated to KFest 2013, so I don’t suck…)

First there was ByteBagger, and then it grew up…
Everything that ByteBagger has, and much more…

ChewBagger is a stand alone IIgs application for editing files at byte level, working with both data and resource forks.

  • Find and Replace either Hex or ASCII data.


  • View and disassemble the relocated segments of an OMF file.
  • Load a P8 application at an optional address for disassembly.
  • Examine a range of IIgs memory and optionally disassemble.
  • Disassembles both 6502 and 65816 code, with optional tool call labels.


  • Dump to file or printer, either the hex and ASCII fields, or the disassembled code.

Read the PDF Manual for more in formation, and how to use the application.

Download ChewBagger from my web site: