A2Cloud is now out of testing and has reached it’s first official release. Users of the prior beta release are encouraged to download the new version at: http://appleii.ivanx.com/prnumber6/category/a2cloud/

Per Ivan’s site, the ideas behind A2Cloud are to:

  • Provide a couple of virtual “hard drives” — even for the IIc — courtesy of David Schmidt’s VSDRIVE.
  • Make it easy to get an Apple II — even a IIc — on the internet to be able to download software and do other stuff.
  • Be able to use any software you download immediately, either in a virtual hard drive, or by making it easy to transfer it to a floppy with David Schmidt’s ADTPro.
  • Blog about other ways a Raspberry Pi can make an Apple II more enjoyable.
  • Have it all be as easy as possible, even for Unix/Linux newcomers.