Apple II Fans:

We are now accepting orders for the CFFA3000 run #3. This run is 575 units. Because of high demand, please limit your order to 2 cards/customer for this run, that way everyone can get a CFFA3000. Please keep in mind that making the CFFA3000 is my hobby and not my day job so it will take me about 4 months to ship the entire batch. Depending on when your payment is received you may have to wait some time to get your board. Boards are shipped in the order your payment is received. I hope to have all outstanding orders shipped by the end of the year. The first 25 boards are scheduled to ship on Sept 23, 2013.

The CFFA3000 costs US$149.95 and includes a manual on CD-ROM in PDF format. An optional accessory: the Remote Switch w/ cable costs US$19.95. The remote switch is not required to use the CFFA3000, but is useful for people who want to mount multiple floppy disk images. With this remote you can switch between disk images without leaving the running program. If you don’t have the remote, there are two other ways to switch between floppy disk images:

1) On an Apple IIgs, use the CFFA3000’s on-screen menus via the GS Desk Accessories Menu (Apple-Control-Esc). Most but not all software allows access to these menus without rebooting.

2) Non IIgs users could use a separate flash drive for each floppy.

To place an order, please go to my web site:

Once I have received your order, you can follow the status of your order using the following link:
Note: I update this page by hand so your order won’t appear right away.

If you have any questions, or issues with the ordering process, please contact me at

Thank you,
Rich Dreher
R&D Automation