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Uthernet II progress report

Glenn Jones reports that he and Oliver Schmidt are working on the next revision of the highly successful Uthernet card. The appropriately named ‘Uthernet II’ will be based on the Wiznet W5100 chip, which will require a new packet driver and support software. Key developers Oliver Schmidt (Contiki driver), Jonno Downes (IP65 W5100 support), David […]

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Penguin/Polarware Software library now available on

Via Applefritter Dr. Kenneth Buchholz is pleased to announce the addition of a new product library dedicated to Penguin / Polarware Software for the Apple II series of computers on Working with Mark Pelczarski, founder & President of Penguin Software, the entire product line has been located, archived and made available on A2OL. Mark […]

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Ivan Drucker releases updated A2Server, A2Cloud apps

From CSA2: So much for my hiatus. I’ve snuck out a couple of updates. If you haven’t been keeping score since the above announcement: A2CLOUD 1.6.2 supports PC ANSI color and graphic text using Spectrum’s ANSI online display; has better VT-100 emulation for non-ASCII characters in ProTERM and Z-Link; provides ttytter for Apple II tweeting; […]

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Codename: Tokenizer

Arnaud Cocquière, webmaster of and Apple II enthusiast, announced today the release of Tokenizer. This new Windows 32 utility translates an AppleSoft source file written on a modern machine, to a AppleSoft-tokenized binary file which can be later integrated onto a disk image file with Apple Commander or Cadius. As Arnaud states in his […]