This is a developing story, but it looks like the source code for ORCA/C may legitimately be heading for hosting on GitHub. This may mean the patches for ORCA/Pascal and other Byte Works products are also going to be made available as well.

UPDATE: And here it is, the source code.

And YOINK it’s gone. According to Mike Westerfield:

OK, I was apparently incorrect in using GitHub as a way to make the source code for ORCA/C freely available to all of you so you could modify it and get the updates for free. I reread the terms of service, and as has been pointed out, permission to fork is required, and this conflicts with the clause in the license agreement blocking distribution of derivative works.

As a result, I’ve deleted the ORCA/C repository on GitHub.

I am still looking for a way to make updates to the source easy, free, and universally available while maintaining the copyright on the code. If anyone has a suggestion on how to do this, please let me know.