On the heels of the recent 6.0.2 build of the Apple IIgs System Disk set, comes the next revision. Many loose ends have been tied up and documentation has been updated with changes described in detail.

This release has been packaged as six 800K disk images in BXY format (Shrinkit Compatible Binary II Encoded), .PO format, and as a versatile 32MB ‘Live Installer in .PO format that boots to Finder for immediate access to all portions of the System Software and installing without the need of mounting multiple images or swapping floppies. This image can also be installed to a 32MB partition, CD ROM, etc.

Apple II Technical Notes Apple IIgs #001 and GS/OS #100 have been updated to reflect the content and organizational changes in this release.

See the file: Apple_IIGS_6.0.3_Info.txt for the individual image names/contents.

What’s new for System 6.0.3

This is a summary of the visible changes since System 6.0.2 was released. Be sure to also read the Shortcuts file on the Live.Install or SystemTools2 disk for more information.


SCC.Manager and the AppleShare FST no longer halt the boot process with dialogs requiring user intervention when the machine is not connected to a network. These warnings are still available by pressing the spacebar during boot to view the text boot screen.

Finder (see also Finder Help)

‘OpenApple-Up Arrow’ now selects the folder or volume icon of the directory from which it was invoked.


A Live Install image is now available, enabling installation of the System Software from a single disk image rather than the traditional six 800K floppy disks.

In the Live Install image only, a Customized Installer application is now available for the use of developers.

Text Editing

Selection, deletion, and traversal of Japanese full-width (double byte) characters and words is handled correctly when the Japanese Manager is installed and active.

Word breaks recognized by ‘Option-Left/Right Arrow,’ and double-clicking now include punctuation and symbols, rather than just spaces. Hyphen (-), period (.) and apostrophes (‘ and closing single smart quote) are considered word breaks when not surrounded by alphanumeric characters, but are not considered word breaks when they are. For example, the following constitute a single word:


All other non-alphanumeric characters are excluded from words. Double-clicking on a word break causes it and any surrounding word break characters to be selected. Traversing a word break using ‘Option-Left/Right Arrow’ will pass through any preceding or following word breaks, stopping at the boundary of the next word encountered.

TextEdit (document window) and LineEdit (dialog box text fields, Finder icon rename fields) now use the OpenApple and Option keys in the same way. Previously, TextEdit used OpenApple for word navigation and Option for line and page end navigation.

Control Panels

Time control panel
Now follows the US Daylight Savings Time based on the standard effective March 2006.

Desk Accessory

When used in the Finder, double-clicking any found file will open a window with the file selected.


Teach 1.1.1 is included, fixing a bug that caused an I-beam instead of an arrow cursor to display when mousing over the left border of the scrollbar.

ProDOS 8

The Thunderclock year table in P8 has been updated for the years 2013-2018. There is also a Clock.Patch file on the SystemTools2 disk that you may use to update P8 (renamed to ProDOS) to include future year groups.


Apple IIGS Technical Note #100 and GS/OS Technical Note #001 have been updated for System Software 6.0.3.


Disk Sets and Documents:

[ftp link]

IIgs #100 VersionVille.pdf
GS OS #001 System Software.pdf

Apple IIgs System Software 6.0.3

Apple IIgs System Software 6.0.3