Happy II Year!

A New, New Release.

But first I would like to address the auxtypo, er auxtype issue recently discovered with the 6.0.3. release. Sometimes there are many ways to accomplish the same task. Most of the time it matters not how it is done so we don’t think about it. The auxtype issue has brought to the forefront that just as elusive as issues are with the GS/OS HFS FST, the same can be said about the ProDOS File System Extension for MacOS Classic (7.x-9.x). There is an apparent endian issue with the handling of the auxtype. Given the limited use of auxtypes in the ProDOS world, with most being $0000, if there is an endian issue the result is going to be the same anyway. But when you have an intermittent error and a whole lot of files to copy, your odds of it stumbling are much greater. In light of the HFS FST’s issues, I typically tell people to move data onto it’s native file system on the target platform. Don’t write HFS disks with your IIgs. After all these years I guess I need to add “..and don’t write ProDOS disks with your Mac.

The root of the issue was the auxtype bytes being swapped during the transfer. In the case of the SCSI.Manager it should have been $0140 but instead it was written as $4001. All auxtypes have been verified with this release.

Overall, there were auxtype issues with several files but not all affected the operation of the system software.
(SCSI.Manager, Finder, Start, and all system sounds.)

Some of this stuff is technical in nature and therefore dull and boring to most people, but we’ll go over it because if not, someone will ask.

OMF Records

OMF record packing. Records are stored more efficiently than the loader in System 6.0 and earlier resulting in less disk space for most program files and improved load times.

Control Panels

Support for Daylight Saving Time has been revised to the USA standard effective year 2007, up from the 1987-2006 specification used on the 6.0.3 and earlier releases.

Each CDEV has an rVersion resource for consistency.

Sound CDEV handles finderSaysOpenFailed events by playing the sound resource in the file. This is just the option to associate additional error conditions with audio feedback.

For the Unicorns out there, Slots CDEV supports ROM 4 “Mark Twain” hardware. Since this revision has inbuilt SCSI hardware and support for the SuperDrive (FDHD) 1.44mb 3.5?, these changes are now selectable and with the lack of Slots 5 and 7 physically, there is no “Your Card” option that can be selected.

File System Translators

DOS 3.3, Pascal, and ProDOS FSTs have been corrected to use the maximum Parameter Count (pCount) values. These are one way of passing variables between sections of code.

Pascal FST checks that the Volume Control Record is actually a Pascal Volume Control Record, that all parameters were properly initialized.


When opening resource sound files with only a single rSound and no application is assigned to that file type, the Finder sends a finderSaysOpenFailed event. This lets the Sound CDEV play the sound (if no other system extension handles it first). Most sound files in the System:Sound folder can be played by the Finder.

File and volume sizes larger than one gigabyte, up to the maximum GS/OS allows, are properly displayed. Note that this is GS/OS support, and not ProDOS. Since GS/OS has open ended support for file systems other than Apple II native formats those files will be displayed properly in listings.

FST names in Finder windows no longer display garbage if a third party unknown FST is installed and used. Instead, no information is displayed.

Fonts and Sounds

Additional fonts are available: The installed group of fonts has been rounded out and all sets contain each character in each native point size.
Added Fonts:
Courier 48, 56, 72, and 96
Helvetica 56
Symbol 9, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, 36, 40, 48, 56, 72, and 96
Times 56

Helvetica 96 and Times 96 have missing characters restored.

Various Macintosh system sounds have been added.


Installer sets the System folder’s auxtype during Easy Update to permanently enable magic routing in the Finder. This only works if the System folder is unlocked. Magic routing is when you’re installing things to the System Folder, you don’t need to open it and go to the respective folder. Files will be placed according to their filetype.

New fonts and sounds can also be added through the Customize options “Fonts: All” and “Control Panel: Sounds” respectively.

Line Edit Tool

Line Edit control supports Control-A to jump to the start of the line and control-E to jump to the end of the line.

ProDOS 8

ProDOS 8 2.4.1 release from John Brooks is included.

Window Manager Tool

When JM Gothic is the System Font, the Window Manager uses JM Gothic instead of the hard-coded Shaston 8.

Apple II Technical Notes Apple IIgs #001 and GS/OS #100 have been updated to reflect the content and organizational changes in this release.


This release has been packaged as eight 800K disk images in BXY format (Shrinkit Compatible Binary II Encoded), .PO format, and as a versatile 32MB β€˜Live Installer in .PO format that boots to Finder for immediate access to all portions of the System Software and installing without the need of mounting multiple images or swapping floppies. This image can also be installed to a 32MB partition, CD ROM, etc.

[ftp link]

Apple IIgs System Software 6.0.4

MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/BXY/Sys6.0.4.D1.BXY) = 7b91696bed5a03c8a31b726b057d951b
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/BXY/Sys6.0.4.D2.BXY) = 61a636d5411f1dcb0d67248063e9d416
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/BXY/Sys6.0.4.D3.BXY) = 1f55bb52206acacc7ddcb9ba7ef79fbf
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/BXY/Sys6.0.4.D4.BXY) = 5d2819c73a7bd62f8297f33d231099fe
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/BXY/Sys6.0.4.D5.BXY) = 0c678475819d21faaaf86496c78c035b
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/BXY/Sys6.0.4.D6.BXY) = 29e47832e5a74c1630c2fd02445d204d
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/BXY/Sys6.0.4.D7.BXY) = 36e3043b8f9b0894c736ad81ef5c68f6
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/BXY/Sys6.0.4.D8.BXY) = 46282b0156cbe74417140eee603a61f2
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/Live.Install.po) = f748002f19b68f7a95da6635893c7842
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/PO Disk Images/Fonts.po) = 5d7be1a2cd9336bfc81ef97b801accbd
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/PO Disk Images/Fonts2.po) = e6a11d9774536a7da288ade49fc6f1ad
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/PO Disk Images/Install.po) = b3a8d0d43694ac4ad8081c4de5d3e909
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/PO Disk Images/synthLAB.po) = fa4f143dd899d0cc4c8ed9c9e41b7d37
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/PO Disk Images/System.Disk.po) = a2af21d0640abfc5f5919dce4299a104
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/PO Disk Images/SystemTools1.po) = 18982114924fb7cc6b748fc6405842c2
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/PO Disk Images/SystemTools2.po) = 369e7262af874be4920e92c070be3cf3
MD5 (/Apple_IIGS_System_6.0.4/PO Disk Images/SystemTools3.po) = c41e6f5afe4b39b0c8fa7b23f333ed2f