Juiced.GS, the longest-running Apple II publication in print, has now shipped.

This is Juiced.GS‘s 100th issue, with a whopping 28 pages of awesome articles! Read Ivan Drucker’s reviews of 14 different Apple II emulators; Evan Koblentz’s tutorial for connecting the Apple II to LEGO bricks; a guide for streaming from your Apple II to Twitch.tv and an interview with popular streamer LadyAiluros; an interview with Lee Fastenau, who’s porting Tetris from the Game Boy to the Apple II; a celebration of the podcast Eaten By A Grue‘s completion of its original mission; a look behind the scenes of Kay Savetz’s Apple II Twitter bot; a reflection on 25 years of Juiced.GS; original cover art by Krishna Sadasivam of PC Weenies — and much, much more!

This is Juiced.GS‘s fourth quarterly issue of 2020, its twenty-fifth year in print. Subscriptions for 2021 are available for $20 each for United States customers, $25 for readers in Canada and Mexico, and $28 for international customers.

Editor & publisher of Juiced.GS, the Apple II community's longest-running print publication dedicated to the Apple II; co-host of the Star Trek podcast Transporter Lock; digital nomad at Roadbits.