Hugh Hood on comp.sys.apple2:

Direct Connect PostScript Printer Driver
– For the Apple IIgs running GS/OS –
Official Release – February, 2021

Direct Connect PostScript Printer Driver – What is It?

The Direct Connect PostScript Printer Driver [DCPPD] is a moderately patched version of Apple’s GS/OS System 6.0.1 LaserWriter Printer Driver that allows a user of Apple IIgs GS/OS Desktop software to print directly to any PostScript-capable printer, and unlike Apple’s Driver, requires NONE of the following:

  1. that the IIgs have AppleTalk networking installed and enabled;
  2. that the PostScript-capable printer understand the AppleTalk protocol;
  3. that the PostScript-capable printer have an AppleTalk / EtherTalk speaking networking port and be attached to an AppleTalk network that is connected to the LocalTalk port on the IIgs;
  4. that the PostScript-capable printer be recognized and selected in the Net Printer Control Panel; and,
  5. that the connection path between the IIgs and the printer support bi-directional communications.

A PostScript printer can now be connected to the Apple IIgs via either built-in serial port (Printer or Modem), via a parallel printer card, or via an Uthernet TCP/IP card. The latter is important because while not many modern printers still include a serial or parallel interface, almost all modern network printers have an Ethernet TCP/IP connection.

In addition, the patches include changes to the generated PostScript code to provide better compatibility with Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 PostScript printers, with printers utilizing automatic emulation switching (e.g. receiving and discriminating between both PostScript and PCL jobs), and with printers from manufacturers other than Apple, whose variant or emulation of the PostScript language may differ from Apple’s.

For complete details, including full documentation and screen shots of the Direct Connect PostScript Printer Driver in operation please visit: