The proprietor of, an online museum dedicated to classic Apple hardware, software, and books, has listed the majority of his collection on eBay, noting:

This collection has been growing for 20 years and I just don’t know that I’ll ever have the time and energy to restore it all, so it’s time to pass the torch to someone that can.

I just don’t have the time to satisfy individual requests or to ship anything; I am going to sell everything as a single lot, to be picked up in person (i.e. UHaul or borrow a box truck). I’d prefer if a group of enthusiasts wanted to band together to buy the lot and split it amongst themselves but if someone wants to buy it all and sell it individually on eBay for profit, more power to them. I am located in Santa Barbara, CA.

Writes Chip Loder for AppleInsider:

The giant collection includes over 500 Mac-related items, including Apple Lisa computers, Macs, add-in cards, displays, printers, and old Mac laptops. It also includes not just whole units, but also spare parts for Apple’s first laser printer, the LaserWriter.

Other items we spot are a few Color Classics, assorted Farallon networking equipment, what appears to be an Apple II or Apple II+ prior to the Apple-key introduction on the keyboard, and more.

The original auction received zero bids and has now been relisted. The starting price remains US$10,999 and ends Saturday, February 18, 2023 at 19:12 UTC.

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