Welcome to the new A2Central.com! Originally launched in 2000 as “your total source for Apple II computing”, this site has served many needs of the Apple II community over the decades: user group, hardware support, chat room, BBS. Some of those features came and went, but the enduring mission of the site remained: to provide the Apple II community with the latest news, keeping them updated about new hardware, software, and events.

A2Central.com had several administrators over the years, the most recent being Tony Diaz. Sadly, Tony passed away in 2021, and the site, which had already been experiencing interruptions of service, went offline a few months later.

Thankfully, the person who first conceived of this site last millennium had backups running in the background. Thanks to Eric Shepherd, and with assistance from Geoff Weiss, Kelvin Sherlock, and Andy Molloy, A2Central.com is now back online, with all its archives intact.

I’m your new admin, Ken Gagne — also the editor and publisher of Juiced.GS. As a complement to that commercial, hardcopy, quarterly magazine, A2Central.com is a free, online site that updates whenever there’s news. My day job is at Automattic, the developers of WordPress.com, using the same software that’s been powering this site since 2007. That experience has helped in giving the frontend and backend of A2Central.com some much-needed love to ensure its continued availability and usability.

The relaunch of this site accomplishes two immediate goals: it restores access to 23 years of content; and it redesigns the site for the modern user. Its ongoing mission is to curate and report news about the Apple II and its community, as well as serve as a starting point for users who are new to the retrocomputing hobby: we have a hardware directory, community listing, and podcast index, with more resources still to come. You can also connect with other Apple II users on Libera.Chat’s ##apple2 IRC channel via irc://irc.a2central.com/

You can subscribe to receive A2Central.com updates via RSS or email:

Have news you want to share, be it yours or someone else’s? Please contact us! All posts that appear on this site will also be sent to Retro Roundup, a retrocomputing news aggregator.

More information about this site’s history and ownership can be found on the about page.

Thank you for being here! I look forward to A2Central.com once again becoming a part of your Apple II habit.

Editor & publisher of Juiced.GS, the Apple II community's longest-running print publication dedicated to the Apple II; co-host of the Star Trek podcast Transporter Lock; digital nomad at Roadbits.