Reddit user Bullet_InUr_Head recently posted to /r/Apple and /r/VintageApple about his good fortune: after purchasing the contents of an abandoned storage unit for US$250, they found it contained an Apple IIGS with monitor, keyboard, and floppy drives. The boxes look a bit battered and stain, but the contents all appear to be in excellent or new condition.

While none of this hardware is particularly rare, it’s definitely worth more than Bullet_InUr_Head paid — especially considering how complete and well-preserved they are.

An Apple IIGS motherboard
Pretty clean! Credit: Bullet_InUr_Head / imgur

Television shows such as Storage Wars and Auction Hunters often have participants dramatically bid on storage units sight unseen, but in reality, most auctions offer the bidders some information about the contents of the unit in question. Websites such as Storage Treasures and Lockerfox can be used to find such auctions near you. Who knows how many other Apple II units are waiting to be discovered and reclaimed?

Hat tip to Oliver Haslam at iMore.

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