Ian Brumby has published the website for Crossrunner, an Apple IIGS emulator that is currently in beta testing. Crossrunner is a cycle-accurate emulator, as opposed to emulating at the instruction level like most other IIGS emulators do.

Crossrunner supports the disk image formats dsk, po, do, nib, 2MG, HDV, and Woz, with disks downloadable directly from the Internet Archive. Xbox controllers can be used as joysticks, and the emulator has been confirmed to work with such popular games as Castle Wolfenstein and The Immortal.

Crossrunner also has many features aimed at developers, including support for 65C816, 65C02 or 6502 assembly language using ORCA/M, Merlin 32, and Golden Gate, as well as source-level debugging.

A free, public release of Crossrunner for Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11 is expected later in 2023. More details can be found in GitHub and Slack.

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