Retro RPG Roundtable, a video podcast featuring modern developers of classic role-playing games, has released its second episode.

In this episode, the panelists, including Mark Lemmert of 6502 Workshop of Nox Archaist fame, pontificate over these questions:

  • Are you solo or do you work with a team/freelancers? How has that been?
  • How do we make our games and why? (modern game engines or retro)
  • How important are contemporary game mechanics and innovation in retro game design?
  • Do you prefer single character or party design? If the latter, create all characters at the start or find them in game?
  • What advice do you have for other developers, or hobbyists thinking of getting into retro game development?

The debut episode was released in February 2023, which sets up this show for a quarterly publication schedule.

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