After a successful GoFundMe, KansasFest Inc. was recently able to retrieve many Apple II artifacts from the late Tony Diaz’s estate in Oceanside, California. KansasFest president Sean Fahey provided this update:

Our sharp-eyed and knowledgeable team found stashes of technical information, manuals, floppy disks and other materials. We found drives to image, which we hope will have Tony’s source code archives on them. There are video tapes, books, schematics… so much to go through that we will certainly need assistance from the community to sort and publish it all.

Thanks to some sharp eyes and willingness to dig into dirty, dusty boxes and hidden places, we also found engineering prototypes. We didn’t find either of Tony’s Mark Twains, or his Golden Gate. We did find many SKA boards, Teri boards and a few other unique and interesting items. These will be added to the Tony Diaz Memorial Museum which will be established to support a Civil Air Patrol Scholarship in Tony’s name.

All this hardware was placed into UHaul shipping containers that will arrive in the Kansas City area on Friday, May 5, 2023, around 10 AM CDT (UTC-5). Volunteers capable of heavy lifting are needed to help unload the contents of the containers into a storage facility. Please contact the KansasFest committee if you are available and interested in assisting!

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