• Crowdfunding goal is US$6,500
• On track to be successful by August 10, 2023, deadline

Javier Rivera, known for his retrobriting sessions at KansasFest and for his YouTube channel Adventures in Retrocomputing, has launched a Kickstarter to complement MacEffects’ transparent floppy drive case.

MacEffects’ 5.25″ case, which was also originally funded on Kickstarter, sells for US$39 but does not replace the opaque front of the original Apple drive, as seen in this photo.

An Apple 5.25" floppy drive with a transparent case but opaque front
Credit: MacEffects

Javier’s Kickstarter aims to complete the transparency of the case by replacing the front face.

A transparent 5.25" floppy drive face
Credit: Javier Rivera

The transparent plate can be preordered for US$65 for one (plus $18 shipping within the USA), $110 for two (plus $20 S&H), or $160 for three (plus $26 S&H). Shipping to select other countries is available for $49. Delivery is expected in November 2023.

At the time of this writing, the campaign has achieved 43% of its $6,500 crowdfunding goal (including a contribution by this author). Crowdfunding tool Kicktraq predicts that the goal will be met by the August 10, 2023, deadline.

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