To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Apple IIe, originally released in January 1983, the Savvy Sage has produced a 22-minute video retrospective.

The video covers the differences between the IIe and other models, a brief BASIC programming tutorial, and a demo of the Apple II Game Server. A separate PDF cites the fourteen sources referenced when researching this video, as well as the source code for fifteen Applesoft BASIC programs.

This retrospective marks the first Apple II video for the Sage, who obtained his IIe at VCF Midwest 2021. The rest of the Savvy Sage’s YouTube channel features “videos unleashing the uncommon, usually related to tech and games. Whether it’s a popular computer with lesser-known facts about it, or an obscure video game no one’s ever heard of, they’re all covered here!”

Hat tip to 8bitnews.

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