Announced by Alex Lee and Jesse Blue at this morning’s KansasFest online event, What Is the Apple IIGS? Launcher is a collection of Apple IIGS games that can be run from a single, streamlined interface without booting into System 6. The launcher, inspired by the 8-bit collection Total Replay, includes over two hundred games divided by genre across seven hard drive disk images, to accommodate ProDOS’s 32-megabyte limit; a mass-storage device such as the CFFA3000 is recommended. An annotated list of games is documented in this spreadsheet.

Future features will include:

  • Game Info screens that include publisher, developer, conversion info, as well as what control method to use and what the game’s about
  • A curated Recommended list of titles that will be initial category viewed from main menu
  • Favorites category, so you can put together your own list of titles for quick access
  • Speed control β€” preselected speeds for best possible intended gameplay versus convenience of accelerators.

v0.7 of the launcher is available for download from Ninjaforce’s website.

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