Digital Eclipse’s Karateka documentary, announced last month, now has an official release date.

On Tuesday, August 29, The Making of Karateka will release for US$19.99 for Windows on Steam, GOG, and Epic, as well as the home consoles PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. A Nintendo Switch version will follow in September also release on August 29, with a physical edition from Limited Run Games coming even later.

All versions will include playable versions of both Karateka and a remastered version of Deathbounce, Jordan Mechner’s original Apple II game.

Next month’s issue of Juiced.GS will include an interview with Digital Eclipse editorial director Chris Kohler, who recently presented about this project at KansasFest 2023:

Juiced.GS will also have a documentary review by Chris Torrence, who’s famous for this Karateka video:

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