The Retro Computing Roundtable recently published episode #266 of their podcast. The 2.25-hour show features an interview with Laine Nooney, author of the recent book The Apple II Age.

The interview was recorded on 22 May 2023 and begins at 14:00 into the episode. For 20 minutes, hosts Paul Hagstrom, Blake Patterson, and Quinn Dunki discuss with Nooney the book’s academic origins, the commercial push and slow adoption of early computers, their historical takes on piracy, and more. Nooney then joins the hosts in their usual routine of sharing and debating the latest retrocomputing news.

This is Nooney’s second appearance on a retrocomputing podcast, the previous one being Open Apple #49 in August 2015, which was also co-hosted by Quinn Dunki. The subject of that discussion was Nooney’s dissertation about Sierra On-Line, which will be the subject of their upcoming second book.

The Apple II Age was released in May 2023 and was favorably reviewed in the June 2023 issue of Juiced.GS, as quoted on Nooney’s website.

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