UPDATE (23 August 2023): This Kickstarter project has been cancelled.

Chris Schneider of 838 Adventures has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for The Forgotten Pyramid, a text adventure:

You assume the role of a man that has decided to devote his life to helping others that are less fortunate than himself.  This has landed him in Peru working as a humanitarian pilot delivering supplies such as food and medicine to neighboring villages.   However, on one of your journeys back from a successful supply drop your small aircraft is hit by lightning and you are going down.  You must rescue yourself before your plane crashes.  There are 13 treasures and 6 tasks you must complete to successfully win the game.


The Forgotten Pyramid is being written in the Zork Implementation Language (ZIL) and will be released in z3/z5 file format as well as disk images for 19 computer platforms, including the Apple II and Mac. Five of those platforms, not including the Apple II, will also have a physical floppy disk release. Reward tiers range from $25 for a downloadable copy of the game up to $125 for a collector’s copy with floppy disk and thumb drive. All formats are estimated to ship in September 2023.

The Kickstarter pitch video consists of 16 minutes of the game being played and booted in a variety of systems, with the 8-bit Apple II version being demoed at 3:14.

The Kickstarter has so far raised US$1,159, or 39%, of the $3,000 goal it needs to achieve by September 12. The sites BackerKit and Kicktraq both estimate the project will be successful.

Hat tip to Wade Clarke.

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