Ivan Drucker, prolific developer of Apple II software development utilities such as NuInput, Slammer!, and Magic Goto, has brought his website back online. The site had gone offline in 2022 as the result of a change of host. The landing page for Ivan’s website is handcoded HTML that is compatible with Spectrum Internet Suite (SIS) and Lynx, while some subpages, such as A2CLOUD, use WordPress.

Among the tools now available again are A2CLOUD and A2SERVER, which use a Raspberry Pi to enable Internet access and filesharing from an Apple II. However, as Stavros Karatsoridis noted on the KansasFest email list:

… whatever you download from those archives is going to use an old version of the Raspberry Pi OS and likely will not run on a modern Raspberry Pi. Part of the reason the project was forked was to update the distributions to use newer versions of the operating system.

Ivan confirmed:

Raspberry Pi 2B+ is the last version the premade disk images work on, and the RasppleII/A2SERVER GitHub repo (tag 1.5.2) which operates as a command line installer, was last tested on Debian Stretch. (And also may have now broken dependencies on my website.) I don’t know what version of RapsiOS was based on Stretch, but it’s old, and I don’t even know if all of the needed packages or the repos themselves are still available.

T. Joseph Carter also maintains GitHub repos for A2CLOUD and A2SERVER, with forks of each. Interested parties should specifically check out Christopher G. Mason’s A2SERVER v1.5.5 and Daniel Markstedt’s Netatalk v2.x.

In addition to Ivan’s many Apple II software releases, he also performs original music under the artist name IVAN X. His debut album, Exile, released this past June.

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