Andrea Contano announced on Facebook that his self-published Kindle ebook, Through the Moongate. The Story of Richard Garriott, Origin Systems Inc. and Ultima: Part 1 — From Akalabeth to Ultima VI, is free on Amazon through Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

The ebook, which normally costs $9.99, was released June 30, 2019, and covers the history of Ultima, the franchise of computer role-playing games that got its start on the Apple II, starting with 1979’s Akalabeth (a precursor to Ultima). The last game in the series to be released on the Apple II was 1988’s Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny, though a IIGS port of Ultima VI: The False Prophet was rumored at the time.

Although several Amazon reviews comment on the book’s need for a copyeditor, its substance has positively received. “Well researched and a great read for anyone interested in Origin or the beginning of computer games,” said one reviewer. “It did a great job of covering the history of Lord British and what became Origin, along with nice quotes and info about the other devs that helped make it happen,” wrote another.

The book’s second installment, Part 2 – From Wing Commander and Ultima VII to Portalarium, is $9.99 as an ebook, $29 as a paperback, or free with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

Hat tip to Dana Ross!

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