Today is the third and final day of the annual Portland Retro Gaming Expo, with Apple II enthusiast Kay Savetz in attendance and volunteering. Amongst the Atari, Commodore, arcade, and console rigs being exhibited were a small number of Apple II computers, which Kay generously photographed for

The Wizardry station was seen at the official booth of Digital Eclipse, the studio that recently released both the documentary The Making of Karateka as well as an updated version of Wizardry.

The Apple II is one of many machines of that era that used a 6502 microprocessor. Another was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and we can’t help but share Kay’s video of “the world’s largest NES controller” as seen at the PRGE.

Have you seen the Apple II at your local events? Drop us a line to let us know what you’ve spotted!

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