Retro RPG Roundtable, a video podcast featuring modern developers of classic role-playing games, has released its third episode.

In this episode, the panelists, including Mark Lemmert of 6502 Workshop of Nox Archaist fame, mull these questions:

  1. What non-video game were inspirations for your game’s story, like books, TV shows, movies?
  2. Do you like to write extensive background and history for your game? Is it given to the player right up front, in manuals or dialogue, or do you feed it to the player a little at a time?
  3. Do you like a narrative driven story in a CRPG, where the story guides the player where to go, or a sandbox design where wherever the player goes, a story is presented for that area?
  4. Did you write the engine to support the story you had in mind, or did you make the engine first and crafted story afterwards?
  5. Did technical limitations change your games story, or did you aim to implement something specifically to achieve a story milestone?

Previous episodes include the debut episode in February 2023 and the second episode in May 2023.

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