Innovations come few and far between for the Tiger Learning Computer (TLC), a short-lived, licensed version of an Apple IIe Enhanced computer packaged as a learning toy and test-marketed in 1996. Not a whole lot of them exist, and they’re hobbled by seemingly non-functional serial ports.

Following on the heels of the ability to export data via speaker almost three years ago, I’ve developed a hardware and software solution that imports data via the joystick port. Bolting this hybrid of joystick input and audio output to a special build of ADTPro, I can now view and transfer disk images back and forth to the TLC for the first time.

This is a call to action for those interested in learning more about this obscure machine and its inner workings that the firmware and customized ProDOS surely hide. I’ve updated my TLC project page with opportunities for folks to pitch in with disassembly skills with some open issues, and I’ve started tracking what we’re learning via GitHub repo and wiki. There’s also a new #tiger-learning-computer channel in the Apple2Infinitum instance of Slack. Join us!