In 1989, MicroProse published Stunt Car Racer, a Commodore 64 racing game by Geoff Crammond that Computer and Video Games magazine called “flippin’ brilliant” and “the best racing game going”.

Now the game has been ported to the Apple II by Patai Gergely.

After porting this game to the Commodore Plus/4, I wanted to see if we can go back even further in time and get it to run on the original Apple II. It took some heroic effort, but I managed to squeeze the game into 48K by removing a few non-essential features like multiplayer championships or the ability to save the season on disk.

Patai Gergely, YouTube

According to Gergely’s Applefritter post, the game was developed entirely in an emulator without access to actual Apple II hardware.

This particular port took me about a month’s worth of evenings. However, I already had a full disassembly at the start, and also the learnings from my Commodore Plus/4 port to help me. The hard part was producing the disassembly, that probably took months.

Patai Gergely, reddit

The README file indicates that the game supports joystick input and will run on any Apple II with at least 48K of RAM. A DSK disk image file can be directly downloaded using this link.

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