Hot on the heels of version 1.1.7, David Schmidt has released an updated ADTPro 1.1.8 with support for the LANceGS Ethernet card. David’s announcement is attached:

If you have a LANceGS card from ///SHH Systeme – this release is for you. Thanks to Sean Fahey for lending me his cards, and thanks to Oliver Schmidt for the Contiki source code. The ip65 stack has been updated to automatically detect and use either the A2Retrosystems Uthernet card or the LANceGS card. Both cards can be used in any Apple II or Apple /// computer that ADTPro runs on (as long as it has a slot).

The Ethernet autodetection routine twiddles the I/O bits a little more now. AppleWin decides to make a (blank) printer.txt file when it runs. Virtual ][ doesn’t seem to produce anything on its virtual printer. I’d be interested to know if a real printer gets bothered by it.

1.1.8 – January 17, 2011

New functionality:

* [Client] Added support for LANceGS Ethernet card