Ewen Wannop has posted the following announcement:

The British Apple Systems User Group, renamed in 1986 to Apple2000, ran continuously from 1981 to 1992, and was the National Apple User Group for the UK. Over that period of time, they published regular magazines and other publications, much of which may not have been seen outside of the UK.

In the early years, the magazines were devoted exclusively to the Apple II, but as the years progressed, they encompassed the Apple /// and the Macintosh. Till the very end, all the many Apple computers were treated equally, so coverage for both was always given in the magazines.

In parallel to the magazines and printed material, BASUG/Apple2000 ran a bulletin board, which under various sysops, ran for most of the years, and survived in the form of TABBS for some years.

Disk libraries were available to members, and the Apple II disk libraries survive in the form of the TABBS CD-ROM available from Syndicomm.

The BASUG/Apple2000 magazines and printed material have now been scanned, and are online as PDF files. They are currently hosted on a MobileMe web site, and will remain there as long as Apple deign to let us keep it!

Go to: http://homepage.mac.com/speccie/apple2000.html