David Schmidt wrote in to advise us that the source and executables for Dave Lyon’s Davex command shell are now hosted via Sourceforge. Davex is an extensible command-line shell, with several commands for common filesystem tasks (e.g. copying, moving, creating, deleting and so much more) that we all wish were built-in to ProDOS and SOS. David’s announcement is attached:

Dave Lyons’ Davex shell is now available in source and executable form from Sourceforge here:


The current (preliminary) version is 1.30p, and includes executables on disk images for both ProDOS and SOS computers and emulators. The ProDOS version currently lacks some of the external commands (but you can watch the Sourceforge project for more), and the SOS version is currently a minimal subset of the ProDOS version. One an all are welcome to use and contribute.

It’s great to see the source code for this excellent software available to the Apple II Community. Thank you Dave Lyons and David Schmidt.