Payton Bird has announced an update to his ‘commander-like’ file manager utility A2Command. You can download it from: https://a2command.codeplex.com/


This new release features several bugfixes and some improvements including:

  • Added support for the new cc65 functions for listing devices.
  • Fixed viewer to avoid crashing when many spaces are present in one line.
  • Corrected the single file selection when copying.
  • Lowercase and uppercase commands are now active.
  • Date and time are kept when copying files.
  • Fixed some glitches when scrolling through long file lists.

In addition, Payton says:

We have many new features in the pipeline but we want to have a solid working program first. Thanks for all your feedback!

First off, let me thank Mario Patino (cybernesto) for doing a fantastic job of going through the outstanding bugs and squashing them. He did all of the work for this release, I’m merely the messenger.