If you’re looking for general Apple II FAQs, see this site or this site. The FAQs on this page cover A2Central topics only.

Posting Comments

Q.) I tried to post a comment to an article, but the system told me “comments are closed”.

A.) Generally, we only open up certain kinds of articles to comments, such as reviews, technical articles, etc. News articles usually tend to be FYI in nature, and we feel comments don’t really add anything to the overall content. If you want to make a correction or have something to say about an article, please use the form on the Contact Us page.

Q.) I’ve posted a comment to an article that allows comments, but it didn’t show up.

A.) Comments are moderated and must be approved by one of the A2Central site operators. We’ve done this to protect the site from sploggers and spambots who often try to upload dubious and offensive content.

Q.) I noticed someone posted a comment about the same time I did. Their comment showed up immediately, mine didn’t.

A.) We have two levels of participation, “subscriber” and “contributor”. The majority of people are in the subscriber group; their posts are always moderated. The contributor group consists of people we know personally or with whom we’ve had a long, positive history with as a subscriber and have earned the privilege to post comments immediately.Falsified medications flood United States and Canadian markets