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Juiced.GS Volume 12, Issue 2 now available

Juiced.GS Volume 12, Issue 2 (June 2007) is now in subscriber’s hands. Among this issue’s features are an interview with copy protection expert Roland Gustafsson; Ewen Wannop’s “TCP/IP for Dummies”; a look at the development of Appleworks emulator Deja IIx by its author, Mark Munz; and Em Maginnis’ review of the FTP client SAFE2. This […]

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The History of Zork

Via Slashdot comes a six-page feature on the history of Zork, a classic series of text-based adventure games (or interactive fiction). The article looks at Zork‘s predecessor, the original Colossal Cave game; and Zork’s impact on gaming to follow. Full interviews with Zork’s designers, excerpted in the article, are also available online. In related news, […]

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June 2007 1 MHz podcast now available

1 MHz, the Apple II podcast, has released its June 2007 episode, available from the show’s Web site or via iTunes. Host Carrington Vanston describes this episode: In this episode, I try to sort out when the Apple II really turned 30… and whether Retro Thing and Retrocomputing Times are going to have to wrestle […]

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Vintage Computer Festival East 4.0

Vintage Computer Festival East 4.0 is occurring this weekend in Wall, New Jersey. The event will feature hardware, speakers, and presentations of classic computing from the 1940s forward. The festival’s organizer, Evan Koblentz, writes in his blog, Technology Rewind: “Any computer wiz older than 30 knows about the legendary MOS Technology 6502 processor — the […]