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Drop /// Inches #16: Taylor Pohlman

In this episode of Drop /// Inches, we interview Taylor Pohlman, who joined Apple in 1979 and became the Apple /// Product Marketing Manager in 1981, managing the “Reintroduction” of the Apple ///. He is also well known for the series of columns in Softalk magazine (“The Third BASIC”) introducing concepts in Business BASIC programming. […]

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Drop /// Inches podcast #3 released – Dream Machines with Egan Ford

EPISODE 3: DREAM MACHINES, WITH EGAN FORD (APPLE3RTR) In this episode, we talk about some introductory and demo materials, consider some Apple /// “dream systems” and talk with Egan Ford about the work he has done preparing the Apple /// “Ready-to-Run” quick start package for the MESS apple3 emulator. Subscribe to ‘Drop /// Inches’ via […]