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Vince Briel to host BIY workshop at KansasFest 2014

KansasFest attendees are in for a special treat this year. Vince Briel is attending and will once again host a ‘build it yourself’ workshop. You can sign up to assemble any of his famous kits, including the brand new Ohio Scientific Superboard III (another famous 6502-based micro). Complete details are on the Briel Computers web […]

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Ultimate Apple2 officially reopens — Apple2Pi card now available for sale

The day is finally here! Ultimate Apple2 reopens today with exciting new products and carrying old favorites from ReactiveMicro and James Littlejohn. Available NOW: the Apple2Pi 4.4 for $59.99. Also available, A2Pi Accessory Pack for beginners or anyone wanting to get started with their A2Pi quickly. You’ll also find previously sold out and hard to […]

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They’re back! Ultimate Apple 2 and ReactiveMicro announce re-opening

Good news from Anthony Martino and Henry Courbis! After a lengthy hiatus, they’re coming back online and will soon start offering products to the Apple II Community again. has announced that they will be distributing David Schmenk’s Apple2Pi adapter, as well as the products from their former catalog. Details are still being ironed out […]

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Keep It Simple: The Early Design Years of Apple

Via Marc Esslinger: A new book by industrial designer, Hartmut Esslinger of frog design, famous for being an early collaborator with Steve Jobs, explores how the first Apple computers got designed and developed. Hartmut provides a peek behind the scenes, into the making of the products that revolutionized the digital age, in Keep it Simple: […]

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Steven Weyhrich’s book Sophistication & Simplicity really, really, for real available for pre-order now

This… is a blatant plug. After many delays, Dr. Steven Weyhrich’s *highly* anticipated book, Sophistication & Simplicity is now (for reals this time, we promise) available for pre-order on Amazon (again). We’re teasing our good friend Dr. Weyhrich, who has had to endure editorial hell, endless fact-checking, nitpicking Apple II experts and publishing delays to […]

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Mockingboard v1a clones still available

Are you bummed because you wished you’d ordered a Mockingboard clone from ReactiveMicro (before they shut down)? Do you pine for the dulcet tunes of Ultima IV or the sound effects of MB compatible games? Well, we have good news for you. The person responsible for the Mockingboard v1a production run, Tom Arnold, has made […]

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The Guy Who Sold the Apple Docs For $1.6 Million and the Guy Who Sold Them for $500

In the aftermath of the bidding craze at the Sotheby’s auction which resulted in the $1.6 million dollar sale of the Apple founding partnership document, KQED News has posted an article highlighting both Ron Wayne, the third and often unheralded co-founder who sold the three-page document for $500; and Wade Saadi, the seller behind this […]