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Open Apple #38 (Aug 2014): Lawless Legends dev team, KansasFest

Open Apple #38 is published (still August – just made it. Whew!). If you’re a subscriber, it should be appearing in your favorite RSS reader or iTunes shortly if it hasn’t already. This month on Open Apple, we go deep on Lawless Legends with most of the team building it. We’ve managed to corner Seth […]

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John Romero and Craig Johnston launch Apple Time Warp podcast

There’s a new Apple II podcast, and it’s hosted by Craig Johnston and (*the*) John Romero. Check out the pilot episode of Apple Time Warp, available on iTunes or as a direct download here. If you’re a serious Apple II enthusiast, prepare to squee! It’s really very good. Apple Time Warp is a nostalgic look […]

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Original Mac dev team gathers to remember the Twiggy Drive

As an Apple II fan site, we don’t post very many articles about our frenemy, the Macintosh. That’s unfortunate, because I’ve often felt several of the Macintoshes (especially later models) were amongst the best Apple II peripherals ever made. This story posted on CNET today is an exception, as it features pictures and anecdotes from […]

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Trip Hawkins interview

Edge Online has posted an extensive interview with EA founder and early Apple employee, Trip Hawkins. Γ‚ The long piece has been serialized and posted over several days. Γ‚ Among other things, Hawkins talks about his time at a young Apple Computer; founding Electronic Arts and dealing with “superstar” programmers such asΓ‚ Richard Garriott,Γ‚ Dan Bunten, andΓ‚ Bill Budge; and […]