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Open Apple end-of-2011 roundtable

As 2011 fades into memory and 2012 shines bright, the hosts of the Open Apple podcast are joined on an end-of-year roundtable by Tony Diaz of Syndicomm, Sean Fahey of, Andy Molloy of Juiced.GS, and Eric Shepherd of Sheppyware to reflect on all that has happened with the Apple II and its community in […]

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Open Apple podcast #10

This month on the Open Apple podcast, Mike and Ken are joined by Rob Kenyon, a two-time KansasFest attendee as well as a professional programmer and 30-year veteran of the Apple II. We talk about how great it is to be a part of the international community of Apple II users, even if none of […]

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Open Apple Podcast #8 released

This month in Open Apple, our intrepid co-hosts chat with Kelvin Sherlock, prolific Apple II programmer of GShisen, Silver Platter, ProFUSE, and more. Ken builds the suspense before revealing the identity of KansasFest 2012’s keynote speaker before we look at the latest Kickstarter fundraising projects that appeal to Apple II users. We ask ourselves, “Why […]

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1 MHz Podcast episode 14 released

Carrington Vanston has posted a new episode of 1 MHz: The Apple II Podcast. Download direct or subscribe via iTunes. From the summary: 1 MHz is back to shout a quick hello before KansasFest 2011. Meanwhile, Anthony Martino and Henry Courbis say their goodbyes as UltimateApple2 and ReactiveMicro both go on hiatus. But then Henry […]

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Open Apple podcast #4 now available

The May 2011 episode of Open Apple, the only co-hosted Apple II podcast, is now available. This month, Mike and Ken chat with Apple II History curator Steve Weyhrich and former KansasFest logo designer Chris Lackey about scanning, Steve Wozniak, and gaming. Find the episode on the Open Apple Web site or at iTunes.