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Lim Thye Chean releases source code

Apple IIGS programming advocate Lim Thye Chean has generously released the source code for some of the programs he’s written to the Apple II community. Among the offerings are KeyWin – an Applesoft windowing system, Infiltrator – a side-scrolling arcade space game, SuperMagic – a graphics library for Orca/M and Mandelbrot IIGS – an Apple […]

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Paul Zaleski launches Complete Pascal resource site

Paul Zaleski has announced a new site dedicated to Complete Pascal (the Pascal formerly known as TML Pascal) on comp.sys.apple2.programmer. From Paul’s post:  Everything you ever wanted to know about Complete Pascal with access to the tools to help you use it! The site features a detailed description of the software, it’s release history, downloads and resources sections (with […]

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Lunar Productions site relocates

A few years ago I placed Foundation, our IIgs resource editor, into the public domain. The entire package including full source code, is available. There’s no warranty, no support (unless you catch me in a weak moment), no anything… just free stuff from the past that someone may find useful.

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Hobby Cross Assembler (HXA) updated to v0.12

Anton Treuenfels has posted an update to his Hobby Cross Assembler (links directly to 6502-family variant page, main page is here). According to the website, HXA is a one-pass assembler capable of producing absolute output files in binary and Intel hexadecimal formats. HXA is designed to be fairly portable between various processors, and is GPL-licensed […]