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After many years of service as the editor of, Sean Fahey has stepped aside. Eric Shepherd, the founder of, has resumed ownership of the site, and has selected a new editor-in-chief. Our new editor is a well-known blogger, writer, and pundit with his finger on the pulse of the Apple II community. With […]

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A2Central on hiatus

There have been some interesting new developments in the Apple II community recently. You may have noticed we haven’t reported on them. I apologize for that, but my time has been constrained with family, work and other responsibilities and obligations that have left me with precious little time for my Apple II hobby. Effective immediately, […]

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Site news (10-16-08)

After a great deal of consideration and advice from friends in the community (thanks everyone), I’ve decided not to add commercial advertising to the A2Central site. I’ve added a PayPal “Donate” link instead. The recent poll on the matter showed there is support (tolerance?) for advertising from the community but I just didn’t want my […]