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More freeware from Jeff Fink

Jeff Fink, author of the 8-bit role-playing game Silvern Castle, has released several new freeware titles: Compare is an Applesoft file compare utility; Nuclear is a nuclear power plant game; Space Command is a space combat game; Monster is a Monster & Mazes fantasy role-playing game; Wheel is a “Wheel of Fortune” type of game, and “Sword” is a sword fantasy RPG. These will be available for download soon.

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Silvern Castle 5.2 update coming soon

Jeff Fink has announced the upcoming release of Silvern Castle 5.2. The new version’s tome viewer returns to the search screen after exiting Dogpaw instead of going back to the extras menu. Also, the requirement to ask for registration instructions is gone (Jeff is getting frustrated by the lack of feedback on the game?if you […]

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Pangea Software’s Apple II games now freeware

Howard Katz of the Lost Classics Project has informed that Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software (now a developer of popular Macintosh games) has released its Apple II commercial game Xenocide as freeware, as well as its entire shareware product line, including games such as Senseless Violence, Grackle, Copy Killers, Cosmocade, and Orbizone. We’ll have […]