This list exists to promote software, hardware and archival documentation projects in the Apple II community. Teams and individual developers can have their project linked here to increase awareness of their product, recruit expertise or solicit donations in code, equipment or any other resources (ie. PayPal) they may need. To get your project listed, use our site’s contact form.

Projects will be listed as either ACTIVE or INACTIVE. ACTIVE projects are frequently updated or maintained. INACTIVE projects aren’t necessarily idle, but may need a new leader or maintainer.

OPEN projects usually accept code submissions, expertise and testers (open to all), whereas CLOSED projects may accept testers only, because programming code isn’t being shared.

PAYPAL indicates the project accepts PayPal contributions in lieu of shareware or commercial fees. It’s tip money, and a nice way to say THANKS for the awesome effort.


ADTPro – David Schmidt – ACTIVE/OPEN

Java application to transfer diskettes and logical disk images between Apple II era and modern computers using serial, Ethernet or audio.

Goals: Assemble the best I/O subsystems available to the Apple II into a convenient, versatile disk-transfer package.

Needs: Find and assimilate fast disk (Disk II) track-writing routines.


AppleWin – Tom Charlesworth – ACTIVE/OPEN

Apple //e emulator for Microsoft Windows.


Needs: Looking for additional programmers.


dsktool.rb – Jonno Downes – ACTIVE/OPEN

dsktool.rb is a command line tool and libraries (all in Ruby) for manipulating DSK format images used by Apple II emulators. Currently, only DOS 3.3 format is supported. Also included is dskexplorer.rb, a browser based DSK archive exploring tool that can be used to navigate local disk and remote web archives, catalog DOS 3.3 images and show or disassemble individual files.


Needs: Need someone interested in adding ProDOS support, or support for .NIB and .PO images.


Marinetti Open Source Project – Andrew Roughan – ACTIVE/OPEN

TCP/IP stack for the Apple IIGS, written in 65816 assembly language. Mail Order Pharmacy Services You Can Trust – Why Choose Home Delivery