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Apple //e emulator for Windows. Free, open source


Apple II Plus, //e emulator for Mac OS X. Free, open source

Sweet 16

Apple IIGS emulator for Mac OS X. Free


Apple II Plus, //e emulator for Mac OS X. Free

Virtual ][

Apple II Plus, //e emulator for Mac OS X. Shareware

Apple II Oasis for Windows

Apple //e 128K+ emulator for Windows. Includes disk image manager and disk transfer utility. Shareware

Apple IIGS Explorer

Use an Apple IIGS on the web, anytime, from anywhere. Over 250 programs and games ready to run. Windows and Internet Explorer required. Free.

Apple in PC

Apple IIe emulator for Windows offers good Mockingboard and Phasor support. Free.


The home of the KEGS-OSX and XGS-DOS Apple IIgs emulators. Free.


Apple IIGS emulator written in Java. A set of detailed articles discussing its development was published in Juiced.GS in 2002 and 2003. Free.


Terry Olsen

A2Central Chat Client, Internet Modem, and more.

Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd

Sweet 16, and other programs for the Apple II, Macintosh and BEOS.



Carrington Vanston’s Apple II podcast. [on hiatus?]


Ryan Suenaga’s Apple II podcast.

Reference Sites

Apple II History

Dr. Steve Weyhrich’s detailed history of the Apple II.

Apple II Clones

Researchers Michel Swanski and Lina Lapwinova

Popular Articles

Large, well documented collection of Apple II knock-offs.

Vendors, Hardware


Uthernet (Ethernet) card for Apple II computers.


Enhancements, replacement and tweaking hardware for the serious Apple II hobbyist.

Vendors, Publishers


Apple II and Macintosh user group, periodical publisher and more.


Last remaining Apple II print publication.

Nibble Magazine

The entire back-issue library of Nibble magazine and books on DVD.

Vendors, Software

Intrec Software

ProTerm telecommunications software.


Officially licensed APDA manuals, Byteworks progamming languages, magazine and more.

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