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Confusion ensues over status of Merlin software

Earlier this week, Glen Bredon’s widow, Anne Bredon, released his software — including the popular Merlin assembler — as public domain, including the source code. Some confusion has now arisen as to whether or not the release of Merlin is valid, as — at least when it was being sold — its copyright was held not by Glen Bredon, but by Roger Wagner Publishing. Efforts are being made to determine the true status of the Merlin software.

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Glen Bredon\’s software released into public domain

Anne Bredon, Glen’s widow, has authorized the public domain release of all of his software, including ProSel, the Merlin assembler, and more?complete with source code. We’ll have files available for download here on soon. Thanks to Charles Turley for his assistance in obtaining this release, and to Mrs. Bredon as well for her generous donation to our community.

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Delphi text-based services to be unsupported soon

Delphi sent email to its premium account members today, informing them that effective November 1, 2000, the text-based services and premium accounts would no longer be supported. They aren’t closing (yet), but will receive no maintenance and users will get no technical support. This turn of events means that at any time after November 1, Delphi’s text-based service could stop functioning.

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As you may have noticed, we now have a small space for badge advertising in the left-hand sidebar on each page. For only $35 per month, or $90 per three months, any legitimate Apple II-related person or business can advertise in that space. Ads, which must be 100×80 pixels in GIF or JPEG format, […]