August 21st, 2020

emai//er email suite released for Apple //e with Uthernet II

Bobbi Manners has been hard at work over the last several months creating a suite of programs to send, receive and edit email on an enhanced Apple //e or Apple IIgs equipped with an Uthernet II.

emai//er 1.0 has been announced and includes programs to download, read, edit, and send emails including attachments. The suite takes advantage of RamWorks-style memory if available and can deal with messages and attachments of up to 16MB in size (the maximum ProDOS file size).

Bobbi has created a webpage to introduce her projects to the world including links to downloads and github for source code.

July 25th, 2020

Juiced.GS to publish in 2021; more back issues as PDFs

Juiced.GS logoJuiced.GS, the longest-running Apple II publication in print, is continuing its KansasFest tradition of announcing that Juiced.GS will continue publishing for another year! Subscribers can look forward to another four issues of exclusive news, reviews, interviews, and how-tos in 2021.

Existing subscriptions will automatically renew on January 1, 2021, at the same rates as this year: $20 in the United States, $25 in Canada & Mexico, and $28 everywhere else. Subscription status can be confirmed by logging into your account in the Juiced.GS online store.

Not yet a subscriber? Sign up for 2020 and be immediately be mailed this year’s issues; or choose to start a new subscription in 2021.

But wait — there’s more: for the first time ever, Juiced.GS has made volumes 11–20 available as PDFs! For over a decade, these forty issues from 2006–2015 have been available in hardcopy only. Now you can read 832 pages of Apple II content, with covers and interior photos all upgraded to full color, digitally for only $80 — that’s $2 per issue! Or get the print editions for $120, or both print and PDF for just $150. Individual volumes are also available as PDF — normally $12 per year, now on sale through July 31 for just $10 each.

Juiced.GS has also combined two previous bundles, the “Early Years” and “Middle Years”, into one streamlined collection of volumes 1–10. That’s yet another forty issues and 876 pages from 1996–2005 at the same prices: $80 for PDF, $120 for print, or $150 for both! Also for the first time ever, individual volumes 1–10 can be purchased as a print & PDF bundle for $20 each.

Sophistication & SimplicityIn case you missed it, Steve Weyhrich’s book, Sophistication & Simplicity: The Life and Times of the Apple II Computer, is on sale for another 48 hours. Get an autographed hardcover for just $10 — or, for the first time ever, download the ebook for $15.

And before you check out, add the completely free Esprit de Apple Corps to your cart! This two-disc collection contains tens of thousands of MOD music tracks, Apple II graphics and animations, games, utilities, and more. Download it today, or get it as two CDs for just $10.

Juiced.GS and its publisher, Gamebits, are excited to grow the ways and years in which it serves the Apple II community. Have any questions or suggestions? Drop them a line!

June 24th, 2020

Juiced.GS Volume 25, Issue 2 now available

Juiced.GS Volume 25, Issue 2 (June 2020)Volume 25, Issue 2 (June 2020) of Juiced.GS, the longest-running Apple II publication in print, has now shipped.

This issue features a retrospective of the Apple IIGS online multiplayer RPG, The Complex II; Peter Ferrie’s method for porting DOS games to ProDOS for Total Replay; reviews of the book Home Computers and the audio archive The Powersharing Series; and much, much more!

This is Juiced.GS‘s second quarterly issue of 2020, its twenty-fifth year in print. Subscriptions for 2020 are available for $20 each for United States customers, $25 for readers in Canada and Mexico, and $28 for international customers.

June 14th, 2020

WOzFest SWEET16 Attendance, QFest 16 Announced

WOzFest SWEET16 will not only be streamed, but is also now an “attendees allowed” event.

Additionally, QFest 16 has been announced to be held to coincide with WOzFest SWEET16.

Further details on the announcement post, and updates will be posted under the europlus zone’s WOzFest tag.

May 3rd, 2020

WOzFest SWEET16 Announcement

From the europlus zone blog:

I’m very happy to announce the date for the next WOzFest: WOzFest SWEET16 will be held on Saturday 25 July 2020, starting at midday Sydney time (UTC+10:00).

The theme for WOzFest SWEET16 is “Community” – having supportive communities is important at the best of times, but especially so at the moment. The camaraderie involved in events like WOzFest certainly help me feel lucky in these trying times. So come and join my community for a few hours, no matter where you are in the world.

As per WOzFest COLOR=15, WOzFest SWEET16 will be streamed on Twitch via WOzFest TV for the whole duration. I’ll be aiming to do some productive work to stream, and will have some Skype calls as well.

With the timing, WOzFest SWEET16 is going to be wedged in between the two days of KansasFest 2020. For me, Day 1 of KansasFest 2020 will run from midnight Friday night to 07:00 Saturday – I’ll then try and grab a few hours sleep/rest (unless there are unofficial events on to snag my attention), get finalised for WOzFest, then run 10 hours of that through to 22:00. Day 2 of KansasFest starts at midnight Saturday night and runs to 07:00 Sunday – I think I’ll be a wreck on Sunday when everything’s done.

Further details on the announcement post, and updates will be posted under the europlus zone’s WOzFest tag.

May 1st, 2020

Registration for KansasFest 2020 is now open!

KansasFest 2020, the 32nd annual Apple II convention, is open for registration. Users, programmers, hobbyists, and retrocomputing enthusiasts are invited to gather virtually from Friday, July 24, through Saturday, July 25, for two days and one night of sessions, demos, announcements, contests, and camaraderie.

They will make the best of the virtual arrangement and return to Kansas City in 2021. They’ve rescheduled the keynote speaker, Robert Woodhead, to next year.

Registration is only $20 to participate in all talks and activities. You will also receive a commemorative pin (postage included). Official KansasFest shirts are extra and optional. To register, please visit the official registration form.

KansasFest invites any and all Apple II users, fans, and friends to attend the largest and longest running annual Apple II conference. For photos, videos, schedules, and presentations from past year’s events or to sign up for the email list and for inquiries, please visit the event’s Web site.

Session proposals are now being accepted. See the call for sessions announcement for more information and to make your submission.

April 15th, 2020

KansasFest 2020 Goes Virtual

As has been outlined on previous messages about this, the KansasFest board has been deliberating on what to do about this year’s annual gathering. Initially it was hoped that the world and national situation would be sufficiently improved by July that we could proceed as usual. However, it has become clear that the economic disruption and potential health risks make gathering in Kansas City this year no longer viable.

Rather than completely canceling this year’s event, the Board has decided to move in the same direction as many others have done, and that is to have a gathering via group meeting software, a sort of “Virtual KansasFest”.

We plan to hold this online event Friday and Saturday, July 24-25, 2020, for about six hours each day (with breaks included as usual). Since this is an abbreviated event, speaker times will also be abbreviated, each running from 15 to 30 minutes (session announcement to follow separately).

The registration cost for Virtual KansasFest 2020 will be $20 per person. This will guarantee a login spot to attend all talks and participate in online activities, as well as a commemorative 2020 KFest pin which will be mailed separately (postage paid). This will also include a discount coupon for an optional T-shirt, to be ordered separately. Session recordings will be available free of charge (as usual) on YouTube and the Internet Archive.

We have been in communication with our previously announced keynote speaker, Robert Woodhead of Wizardry fame, and have decided to postpone his keynote until KFest 2021, when we expect we will be back to our usual meeting together in Kansas City at Rockhurst.

Further information will be provided in the near future, and we expect to open registration on April 30th. Put it on your calendar, and plan to meet online with us in July!

For More Information:

April 1st, 2020

WOzFest COLOR=15 Update

From the europlus zone blog:

Wow, what a month! When I announced WOzFest COLOR=15 I was looking forward to another fun get-together of fellow Apple ][ enthusiasts, and I’d already started planning to stream the day for those who couldn’t make it.

Now, communities around the world are in lockdown (Australia is heading down that path) and people’s lives are being turned upside down.

By mid-last week, I decided to go stream-only for WOzFest COLOR=15. While a difficult personal decision, it’s nothing compared to what some people are experiencing.

I love hosting WOzFest and I love having enthusiasts here at WOzFest HQ – but for the next short(?) while, we all have to pull our head in.

I still need help, though – while I won’t have physical attendees, I’d like to do Skypes during the day. If you’re tinkering, if you have something to share or say, if you’re releasing a new product, if you’re lonely, whatever – let me know what time suits between 01:00-11:00 UTC 4 April 2020 and I’ll try and schedule you in. Let’s go around the world, let’s go around Australia, let’s show this stupid virus it won’t dampen our enthusiasm for the Apple ][!

So, via Skype or Twitch chat, I’m looking forward to talking to some of you on 4 April and sharing some of the work I’ll be doing on the day. If I can I’ll try and draw up a schedule – for example, I wanted to do an Applesaucing session and discuss usage tips, etc.

Further details on the announcement post, and updates will be posted under the europlus zone’s WOzFest tag.

March 27th, 2020

Juiced.GS Volume 25, Issue 1 now available

Juiced.GS Volume 25, Issue 1 (March 2020)Volume 25, Issue 1 (March 2020) of Juiced.GS, the longest-running Apple II publication in print, has now shipped.

This issue features an inside look at Vince Weaver’s demakes of modern games onto the 8-bit Apple II; Jay Graham’s roundup of Z80 hardware and software; Ivan Drucker’s tutorial for relocatable machine language; a review of the book Cult of Mac, Second Edition; the debut of the Scantastix archival project; and much, much more!

This is Juiced.GS‘s first quarterly issue of 2020, its twenty-fifth year in print. Subscriptions for 2020 are available for $20 each for United States customers, $25 for readers in Canada and Mexico, and $28 for international customers.

March 12th, 2020

WOzFest TV to go live at WOzFest COLOR=15

From the europlus zone blog:

WOzFest COLOR=15 will mark a new era for WOzFest with the launch of WOzFest TV – that’s right, I aim to stream all future WOzFests via Twitch. I felt, with the celebration of the Apple ][‘s support for colour graphics (usually touted via connecting to the family TV), it was time to take the streaming plunge.

I’ll be incorporating any Skype calls, webcams from around WOzFest HQ, windows from tasks like Applesauce fluxing, and anything else that seems appropriate. For example, with the holding of QFest 15 to coincide with WOzFest COLOR=15, I’m planning on having a full-time Skype connection between the two ’Fests.

The Twitch URL is activated – I’ll announce on Twitter when I’m doing testing streams for layouts, etc., and the official Go Live will be at the start of WOzFest COLOR=15 on 4 April 2020 at 12:00 (UTC+11:00) – come and check it out and have a chat with us!

Further details on the announcement post, and updates will be posted under the europlus zone’s WOzFest tag.

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