Need some upgrades, accessories, and peripherals for your Apple II? These vendors develop and sell original retrocomputing hardware.

∀2 Retro Computing

David Kuder’s VGA video card for Apple II, II Plus, and IIe computers.


FASTChip //e accelerator, Apple IIc VGA adapter, RAMExpress card, SDFloppy II disk emulator, and more from Пламен Вайсилов (Plamen Vaysilov).


The Uthernet II networking card from Glenn Jones.


A floppy drive controller and disk imaging tool by John Keoni Morris, aka Disk Blitz.


Combination accelerator and RAM card for the Apple IIGS, courtesy Niek van Suchtelen.

Big Mess o’ Wires

Steve Chamberlin’s Floppy Emu SD disk emulator, Yellowstone disk controller, Wombat ADB-USB input converter, and more.


Creators of the Internet modem WiModem232.


Capacitor kits for Apple II hardware and peripherals.


Chris Torrence of the Assembly Lines podcast sells the wDrive disk drive emulator, A2io wireless game controller, MFA SoftSP card, and more.

The FC5025, a computer expansion card

Device Side Data

Creators of the FC5025, a USB 5.25″ floppy controller.

Garrett's Workshop

Garrett’s Workshop

RAM cards and ROM upgrades.


Gabriele Gorla’s RAMGS card.

JD Micro

JD Micro

Jeff Mazur and Dean Claxton, creators of the ROMX in Australia (available elsewhere from ReActiveMicro).

Joe’s Computer Museum

Joe Strosnider’s shop of Universal Keyboard Encoders, Apple IIe Card Y-cables, Bob Darlington’s LiteSound Apple IIgs Stereo Audio Interface, BlueSCSI, and more.


A USB-based floppy controller designed specifically for reliability, precision, and getting low-level reads suitable for software preservation.

Lukazi’s Loot

Developer of the 4play & SNES MAX joystick adapters.

Manila Gear

Jon Co and John Valdezco‘s 2soniq and 4soniq sound cards, no-slot clocks, and more.

Plaid Vest Software

Creators of NEWPRINT/Multi, a virtual Wi-Fi printer with Web browser output.


TransWarp GS accelerators, Rich Dreher’s CFFA3000, Manila Gear’s 4soniq sound card and VGA adapter, Phasor and SUPERPROTO, and more.


David Schmidt of ADTPro sells serial cables, USB adapters, and blank disks.

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