Many retrocomputing enthusiasts use the crowdfunding platform Patreon to fund their endeavors with recurring monthly support. Here are some creators who are, or are of interest to, Apple II users.

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6502 Workshop

Developers of role-playing game Nox Archaist, its expansion Lord of Storms, and the sequel, Dragonsmere.

A bearded, bespectacled man sitting at an old computer but looking at the camera

Benj Edwards

A journalist and editor of Vintage Computing and Gaming, writing and publishing articles, interviews, and podcasts about tech history.

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Chris Torrence

Host of the Assembly Lines podcast.

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Disk Blitz

Developer of the Applesauce hardware, “the most powerful floppy disk preservation and analysis” tool.

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Jason Scott

A freerange archivist for the Internet Archive and host of the Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It podcast.

A 16-bit caricature of Javier Rivera

Javier Rivera

Creates podcasts, videos, and 3D models on his YouTube channel.

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Jimmy Maher

Author of The Digital Antiquarian, a comprehensive history of computer gaming.

A headshot of Joe Strosnider

Joe’s Computer Museum

Home of Joe Strosnider, an ’80s kid sharing his passion for old computers with the world.

A birds-eye view of a white, bearded, bespectacled person's head amidst floppy disks

Kay Savetz

Archivist, scanner, and podcast host of computer history interviews.

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Quinn Dunki

Metalworking, electronics, machine shop, and fab projects under the name Blondihacks.

A black-and-white pixel drawing of a man with a goatee

Ron McAdams

Host of the YouTube channel Ron’s Computer Videos, home of videos celebrating Apple II, Macintosh, and PC retrocomputing.

A 3D rendering of the letters MA stacked above the letters DE


The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, a non-profit in Oakland, California, USA.

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Video Game History Foundation

The VHGF, a non-profit in Emeryville, California, USA, founded by Frank Cifaldi and co-directed by Kelsey Lewin.

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