Looking to spend money on some Apple II software? These developers sell their own original programs as disk images or actual floppy disks.

A rampaging robot under the name of the game

The 8-Bit Guy

The game Attack of the Petscii Robots, by David Murray.

The words "8 Bit Shack" above a computer image of a stone wall with a brown door


Games, demos, and utilities such as including Angry Birds, Planet Invasion, and Identify-][, by Dr. Marc Golombeck, Dr. N. Harold Cham, and Dan Henderson.

Black lines indicating two mountain peaks against a red background

6502 Workshop

Developers of role-playing game Nox Archaist, its expansion Lord of Storms, and the sequel, Dragonsmere.

A red apple with a smiling mouth and black sunglasses


Official vendor of The Byte Works’ compilers, source code, and documentation, as well as Kelvin Sherlock’s Golden Gate.


David Schmidt sells his ADTPro software on 5.25″ and 3.25″ floppy disk.

Alien Downpour by Michael Packard

Snacking On! Software

Games by Michael Packard, including Alien Downpour, OldZone, Darkstar Unhinged, Lunar Rescue, and Star Snacker.

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