Want to watch video podcasts, repair tutorials, livestreams, and Let’s Plays? These YouTube, Twitch, and self-hosted channels have plenty of multimedia content about the Apple II. Many channels feature the Apple II prominently or occasionally but not exclusively, with other retrocomputing content to be found as well.

A little kid sitting on a chair in front of a computer


Josh Malone, a vintage computer enthusiast and fixer-upper, livestreams using and repairing old hardware.

Adrian’s Digital Basement

Adrian Black features repairs and electronics/ refurbishment techniques with technical reviews of newer electronics like smart home components.

A 16-bit caricature of Javier Rivera

Adventures in Retro Computing

Javier Rivera, aka “Javmaster”, discusses and demos retrocomputing, electronics, plastics, programming, and Retr0brighting.

A headshot of Antoine Vignau

Antoine Vignau

Half of Brutal Deluxe Software, Antoine demos software and preserves historical footage.

A hand-drawn caricature of Chris Torrence

Assembly Lines

A video podcast by Chris Torrence (CT6502) with reviews of new Apple II hardware and software, interviews with retro computing luminaries, tips on writing 6502 assembly language, and creating your own emulator.

A yellow letter 'M' shaped to look like a Space Invader.


Ken Gagne of Juiced.GS unboxes and plays Apple II games.


A YouTube channel with nearly ten thousand videos of gameplay from retrocomputers.

A wristwatch-sized Macintosh.

How II

Charles Mangin of Option8 and RetroConnector offers hardware troubleshooting tips.

A headshot of Joe Strosnider

Joe’s Computer Museum

Joe Strosnider plays with old computers and shares that love with the world. Some reviews, some thoughts, infrequent updates.

A roman numeral two with rainbow hues


Archives of talks, presentations, and sessions given at the annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

A drawing of a cat's face


Cat livestreams games directly from her Apple II to Twitch most Sundays.

A headshot of Leigh Alexander

Leigh Alexander

A games columnist, critic, and industry writer plays Apple II games.

Oz KFest logo

Oz KFest

Recordings of sessions and events at the Apple II users gatherings in Australia.

A round logo with the words Retro Repair Roundup

Retro Repair Roundup

Rudy Panigas, Joe Strosnider, Javier Rivera, and Ron McAdams livestream their discussions about vintage computers repairs, configurations, modifications and new technologies to make vintage computers even more useful. First and third Sundays at 8 PM ET.

A dartboard behind the words Retro RPG Roundtable

Retro RPG Roundtable

Mark Lemmert of 6502 Workshop joins developers of other role-playing games for retrocomputers in this video podcast.

A round logo with the Apple rainbow colors, an 8-bit caricature of Ron McAdams, and the words Ron's Computer Videos

Ron’s Computer Videos

Ron McAdams’ retrocomputing repair and exploration channel with a focus on Apple II, early Macintosh, and MS-DOS era PCs.

Disclaimer: This index is not intended to be comprehensive. No channel has paid to be included on this list, nor is inclusion necessarily an endorsement. All channels are listed alphabetically. Based on an article by Sean McNamara in Juiced.GS Volume 26, Issue 4 (December 2021). This page was last modified on Aug 7, 2023 @ 11:18 am.