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Open Apple podcast #16: Martin Haye

This month on Open Apple, Mike and Ken speak with Martin Haye, 8-bit programmer extraordinare. We love us some conventions, be they KansasFest, the Vintage Computer Festival, @party, ROFLCon, or WordCamp. We wonder why video games have abandoned humor and if Kickstarter can bring it back. Steve Wozniak is advising the Steve Jobs film — […]

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Seen on eBay: Steve Jobs’s Apple IIe?

Could it really be Steve Jobs’s personal Apple IIe? The auction description is vague and doesn’t offer much in the way of documentation or even pictures of the machine. Check it out for yourself on eBay auction 150822390887. If you want it, it can be yours for a mere 45K USD (negotiable) and $35 shipping […]

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Apple document goes for $1.35M at Sotheby’s auction

The Apple Computer Company Partnership Agreement, which established Apple as a partnership between Jobs, Woz and Ron Wayne and was signed by all three co-founders, went for an incredible $1.35 million dollars at a Sotheby’s auction yesterday.  Once you add in all the various fees attached to the sale, the final cost weighs in at […]

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Things //c on eBay

I scan eBay a couple of times each day and occasionally amid the cliched ‘rare’ items, I’ll find something interesting. For example, this Apple IIc-equipped electric car. According to the seller, the //c was used to monitor the car’s performance. Yet another ‘rare’ new in the box Apple //c system with a $2500 price tag […]

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“Lost” Dharma II Plus replica on eBay

Take an otherwise unremarkable Apple II Plus, put some stickers on it that make it resemble the Dharma computer from the popular television series “Lost” and viola… you have the makings for a clever way to potentially get a little extra moolah out of that plain old machine.